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Freaking out about the Penguins is a waste of time

The Penguins played like ass last night and lost to the Detroit Redwings 5-2. The Red Wings stink. Last night, the Penguins were worse. Ho hum. The Penguins are bored. Their real season starts on April 12th. 

They may not admit it, but they know it to be true. The Penguins have won the Stanley Cup in back to back seasons. They know what it takes to win when the stakes are at their highest. But that hasn't stopped fans from freaking out. Hell, it hasn't stopped the media from throwing out doomsday scenarios!

Spoilers alert: The Penguins will make the playoffs. While the Penguins are up by four points on the 8th place team, they're seven points up on the 9th place team. That's what actually matters. 

Richie's hair hasn't moved since he came out of the womb, so don't let him cause you to pull yours out! (edit: I like Richie and his hair, but it was an easy joke.)

Ian Cole is the greatest defensman of all time. The Penguins don't have a chance to win without him!!! Again, let me remind you that the Penguins won the cup last year without their BEST defenseman. They'll survive without Ian Cole.

Need I remind you that the Penguins were 4-4-2 down the stretch last year? That team wound up winning the cup. Are they playing well right now? No. Do they need to manage the puck better and play more soundly in the defensive zone? Without a doubt. But I'll let the track record speak for itself. Mike Sullivan knows how to push all the right buttons. He's 8-0 in playoff series as the head coach of the Penguins. 

If you want to freak out about the Pens struggles right now, go right ahead. Stress yourself out. Wake me up when the playoffs start.

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