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Expectations need to be tempered for Narduzzi

Pat Narduzzi has done a good job with the football program in his first two years on the job. Last year he defeated in-state rival Penn State, and went on the road to knock off #3 ranked Clemson in Death Valley. Not an easy feet. 

Pitts new AD, Heather Lyke, said this yesterday when asked about Narduzzi's first two years on the job, "I think we should have the opportunity to play in the College Football Playoff. That's what we all want to see, right? I don't think we're that far off."

Not far off? Pitt lost to Virgina Tech, a coastal division team, at home because Narduzzi refused to stop playing man coverage on the outside. They lost to North Carolina, a coastal team, in the final seconds of a game that they had no business losing. They also lost to a mediocre Northwestern team in the bowl game.

Pitt gets your hopes up and then lets you down time and time again. It’s what they’ve always done. Want a history lesson? In the year 2000, Pitt beat Penn State 12-0 in the last scheduled game of the rivalry. They roared to a 3-0 start. Then finished 7-5. Woof.

In 2004, Pitt beat both the ranked teams that they played during the regular season. The sign of things to come? No. They lost to Syracuse and Uconn and were blown out by Utah in the Fiesta Bowl.

In 2012, they beat 13th ranked Virginia Tech and 19th ranked Rutgers. Two good wins vs. the top 25. They also lost against FCS foe Youngstown State!

In Narduzzi’s first year, Pitt was 6-1 and cracked into the top 25. They then proceeded to lose back to back home games against North Carolina and Notre Dame.

Throughout Pitt's recent history, they've been able to rise up and beat some good teams, only to wind up losing to inferior opponents during the same year. It’s what they have always done. It’s in the schools DNA.

What has been different under Pat Narduzzi? Nothing. Pitt is 0-4 against Miami and North Carolina. Two teams within the division. 

Heather Lyke says that Narduzzi's program isn't "far off" from reaching the college football playoff. Maybe win the coastal first. 

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