It's a lost season for the Pirates

The Pirates are the only team in the National League to be more than four games out of a playoff spot. They're 10-22. They've got a negative-45 run differential.

They're horrible.

How are things down on the farm?!

There's no minor league season, which means that there's no room for development for Pirates' prospects. Guys like Ke'Bryan Hayes have been languishing away in Altoona. I heard that yesterday all the players played dress up and pretended like they were in the movie "Platoon."

Ben Cherington wasn't able to make any moves at the deadline. That's partially his fault, but really it's the fault of his players.

Coming into the year, Adam Frazier was thought to be an attractive trade piece. He's hitting .208.

If the Pirates wanted to try to sell high on Josh Bell, too bad, they had to hold onto him. He's hitting .212.

That's the way it is up and down the Pirates lineup. Any potential trade chips have underperformed, thus making them undesirable.

Keone Kela should have been moved, if even for a bag of Cracker Jacks. Jacob Stallings, the teams best player, is the perfect sell-high candidate. His value will never be higher. He's still on the roster. Why?

So, the Buccos stink, their minor league players don't get to develop, and they're a year behind on starting any type of rebuild. Great.

Being a Pirates fan is hard. You always feel like you're at least a year away from maybe seeing good baseball. Well, it's been a wasted season. Now you have to feel like you may be a year away from being a year away from maybe seeing a good baseball team.

2020 has been a lost year for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Well, except for Socrates Brito. Yesterday was his turn to replicate Tom Berenger's role as Staff Sergeant Bob Barnes.

I guess It's not all bad.

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