The Bengals have an advantage over the Steelers in one key area

The Bengals have an advantage tonight in the most important position on the field.

When's the last time you could have said that?

I think Mason Rudolph has a chance to be a fine NFL QB. Andy Dalton isn't great, but he's pretty good.

Rudolph is lacing up for game number three tonight, meanwhile Dalton will be suiting up in game number 124.

I like the Steelers defense better than the one that Cincinnati will put out there. I like the Steelers offensive line better than what the Bengals will start tonight. It's not even close.

The Steelers are the more talented team. BUT, experience at the QB position matters. It COULD be the difference tonight.

I've got the Steelers in a close one, but I wouldn't be shocked at all to see it go the other way.

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