Steelers should get best offer for AB even if that means sending him to SF

According to Jerry Rice, Antonio Brown has expressed a desire to play for the San Francisco 49er's.

Some in Steelers Nation don't seem eager to see AB get what he wants. 

San Fran is an NFC team. They currently hold the 2nd pick in the upcoming NFL draft. If the Steelers could get that pick, you do the deal in a heartbeat. Kevin Colbert isn't dumb enough to cut off his nose to spite his face. 

The niners likely wouldn't give up that pick, however. 

My proffered destination for AB would be a team in the NFC that gives up a top-15 draft pick. 


If the Steelers were to work something out with Arizona, Patrick Peterson would be the value. The Steelers should NEVER trade a player somewhere "just because." 

Steelers fans are petty. I just want to see Colbert get the best possible return for AB. If that means sending him where he wants to go, so be it. 

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