The Pens are finally showing maturity

The Penguins are 7-1-2 in their last 10 games. They’re the third place team in the metro, and they’re just 3 points behind the Washington Capitals for 1st place.

That's all good. But last night proved to me that the team is turning a corner maturity-wise.

This Penguins team has been two steps forward and one step back all season long.

The Pens held onto a lead for the better part of 12 minutes last night, and for 21 minutes the night before.

It’s one thing to be emotionally invested in a game against your hated rivals. It’s another to play against a blah Minnesota team the night after you just poured your heart out onto the ice.

The Penguins didn’t start great against the Wild, but they were able to get it done.

Getting up for the big ones is easy. It’s all the little ones in between that can be tough to get invested in.

They also held onto a lead. 8 times this year they’ve blown a two goal lead. Unacceptable. The last two nights? They didn't. 

The Pens need another winger and are still missing Justin Schultz. But this is the best that I've felt about them at any point this year.

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