National Signing Day is icky

Today is National Signing Day. 

It's gross. 

All over the country, kids will be sitting at tables in front of television cameras and they'll decide which school they'll be attending to play football. 

For months and years these kids will be told how great they are, that they'll start right away, and that they'll have a shot at the pro's. 

Fans will spend hours watching tape. They'll tweet at prospects. Hell, even slimy beat writers will slide into their DM's. 

It's got to be hard for athletes to not think that they're the king of the world. 

Let me be clear, I don't have a problem with any kid having a moment. Getting to play major college football is a dream that many never get to see come to fruition. 

But it's impossible for every promise that a coach makes to come true. 

What does that lead to? Mass transfers. And when players transfer, in a lot of instances, talking heads and fans will call them selfish. 

"Millennials are selfish!" "There are no handouts!" "You have to earn your spot!"

When coaches tell kids that they're "special" then it's not their fault for believing it. Too many times the blame falls on the KID. 

How about some accountability for those preaching accountability? How about some accountability for the adults that promised them the world and weren't able to live up to their word? 

If it's the Millennials, then society made them that way. 

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