Can Ben play a complete game?

The Steelers will go as far as Ben Roethlisberger will take them. But, the old cowboy has thrown an interception in 9 of the teams 14 games. He’s thrown multiple interceptions in 4 of the teams 14 games.

Compare that to some of the other great QB’s in the league:

--Mahomes has thrown a pick in 7 games, and multiple in 3 games.

--Rivers has thrown a pick in 6 games, and multiple in 2.

--DeShaun Watson has thrown a pick in 7 games, and multiple in 2.

--Andrew Luck has thrown one in 8 games, and multiple in 4.

--Brady has thrown an INT in 7 games and multiple in 2.

--Drew Brees has thrown an interception in 5 games, and multiple in ZERO.

Every single one of those quarterbacks has lead his team to a better record than Ben with the exception of Luck. Every single quarterback has been more consistent than Roethlisberger has this year.

Ben’s thrown 9 interceptions in 7 road games. The Steelers, if they win the division, will be playing the first game of the playoffs at home. The rest, of course, will be on the road.

He’s averaging more than a pick a game away from Heinz Field and he’s averaging less than a pick a game at home.

If the Steelers are to get to the Super Bowl,then Ben is simply going to have to put it together for a full game. And he’s going to have to do it a few times.

Do you have faith that he can? I don’t. I’ve been screaming for weeks about the running game needing to be proficient. That’s the key. But even if they start running the ball effectively into the playoffs, Ben is still going to have to make plays to win games.

I have more faith in Brees, Brady, Luck, Mahomes, Rivers, and Watson.

You could say, “Rivers hasn’t ever won, neither has Luck, Mahomes, or Rivers." You’d be right. But Ben’s played in 21 career playoff games, and has 24 interceptions.

It’s not like he’s always lit the world on fire in the playoffs. He’s had some great moments that you can’t take away. Let’s not pretend like he’s been a model of consistency there, either.

I don’t trust that he will turn it around. I don’t believe we will ever see the perfect Ben Roethlisberger again.

For this team to be road warriors and get to the Super Bowl, he’s going to need to be.

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