Run and win, it's pretty simple

Last week, the Steelers offensive line unit that’s supposed to be the best in the league played as badly as it had all season.

In the last 4 straight games, 3 of them losses, the Steelers ran the ball for 75 yards or less.

Coincidence? Not a chance. When they ran the ball in the previous five games for more than 100 yards, the Steelers won the game. The defense gave up 18 points a game.

The Steelers are now 6-0-1 when they run the ball for more than 100 yards!!! It’s almost as if running the ball is their mother bleeping identity!

In games where they rush for over 100 yards, they’re giving up 17.7 points per game.

It’s not that freaking hard. I’ve been screaming it from the mountain tops.

When they run, they win. Period.

A lot of the running game success in this game was from spreading New England out and gashing them in 3 wide receiver sets. Jaylen Samuels had 146 yards on the ground. The Steelers held Tom Brady and the Pats to 10 points. 

Ben threw the ball 34 times, and the Steelers ran it (not including Ben's two carries) 23 times. I love that ratio. 

When the Steelers run, they win. Period. Keep it on the ground in New Orleans. 

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