The refs sucked, but this loss in on the Steelers

The Steelers were 5-0 coming off recent losses with Ben Roethlisberger at quarterback. Ben was 22-4 in primetime games. The Steelers were 220-0-2 in games that they lead by 14+ at home in the history of the franchise. 

Make it 5-1, 22-5, 220-1-2. 

This was a horrendous loss. The Ravens are a half game back in the AFC North. 

Blame the refs if you want. They missed a blatant block in the back and false start penalties that lead directly to 14 Chargers points. 

But the Steelers did themselves in, too. Here's a list of things that they did that don't add up to wins:

--Ben overthrew a wide open Justin Hunter for a touchdown. The Steelers settled for a field goal. 

--With the Steelers on the verge of getting more points, Ben threw an ugly interception. 

--Chris Boswell missed another extra point. 

--The defense gave up 83 rushing yards in the second half. Most of them to a 3rd string running back. 

--Keenan Allen, the Chargers best offensive weapon, was defended by a linebacker on 9(!!!) snaps. 

--10 other players could have made a tackle on the 73 yard punt return. 

--Mike Hilton blew his coverage on the play that should have been blown dead by a false start. 

--Mike Tomlin had an idiotic challenge prior to the Steelers picking up an easy 4th down conversion. 

--Pittsburgh jumped offsides on each of the Chargers three game-winning field goal attempts. 

--Sean Davis did his best reenactment of a fight in the Heinz Field stands by head butting Joe Haden. 

--Multiple holding penalties killed Steelers drives in the second half. 

Good teams overcome bad officiating. Despite all the bad calls, the Steelers should have won this game. Right now, they aren't a good team. 

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