Enjoy the *expletive* out of Sidney Crosby

Crosby was pissed that the secondary scoring was getting all the credit for the win against the Jets!

His response? A natural hatty in just over 5 minutes against he Avs. Slap me silly Sidney Crosby.

We really are blessed to get to watch this guy play every night.

Between his first and second Stanley Cup championship, I think that we were all caught up in the cup or bust mentality. The team was put together to win 'ships, and they had "only" won one.

I feel like some of his magic wasn’t appreciated as much because at a certain point, the regular season didn’t matter. I was as guilty of feeling that way as the next guy.

Well, Sid’s now won the cup three times. The Penguins may never win it again with him. It’s hard to win the damn thing. You need to be good, and lucky, as we’ve seen.

Lemieux won two, and we marvel at his greatness. If Sid finishes with three it still puts him among the all-time great winners given that this happened in the salary cap era.

So as much as we are all rooting for them to get one more, we should be able to appreciate what he does on a nightly basis in the regular season.

If they never win another one, don’t be salty pricks. Enjoy the entertainment he puts out there every other night from October through April.

Every game is a treat. Every game, if you love hockey, is a MUST WATCH.

He’s won enough to go down a winner. Take it at face value. No need to be cynical.

How many more years can he do it at this level? Nobody knows. But he sure as bleep can do it now. I plan on soaking in every last second.

He's got 13 goals and 23 points in his last 15 games.

He has 5 goals and 9 points in 5 games since coming back from injury.

Soak it in. 

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