Hidden yardage hurting the Steelers

The Steelers are 24th in the league with 15 special teams penalties:

This is an issue that needs to be cleaned up. The Steelers defense when healthy has proven to be a good unit. With Tuitt, Haden, and Hilton all present, the Steelers were giving up 18 points per game in their winning streak.

The Steelers are 6th in the league in scoring offense and 4th in total offense.

They’re as complete as any team in this league. The problem? Turnover differential, and special teams penalties are adding up to give the Steelers some of the worst starting field position in the NFL. 

Pittsburgh is 28th in the league in that regard. New Orleans is first, Houston second, KC third, Rams 4th. 

If the Steelers play the Patriots, Chargers, and even the Saints clean, they can beat them.

I don’t have faith that they can do that right now.

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