I'm worried about James Conner

I'm not interested in the "would the Steelers be better off with Le'Veon Bell" debate. Bell isn't going to be walking through the door. James Conner is the Steelers number one back and will be for at least the remainder of the season. 

He's been mostly excellent, a pleasant surprise, and one of the reason's why the team was on a six game winning streak. He has, however, come up small the last two weeks. 

Last week, Ben Roethlisberger bailed out James Conner by scrambling for a touchdown in the games waning seconds. Against the Jags, Conner dropped a crucial fourth down pass, and the potential game winner. No such bail job yesterday. James Conner's fumble almost assuredly kept points off of the board and turned the game on its head. 

I'm not blaming yesterday's loss solely on Conner. After all, Ben was picked twice, Grimble fumbled through the end zone, and the Steelers had a kick blocked. 

But, I am worried that Conner's confidence could be shaken after a second straight week of disappointment. 

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