Hearts of Steel, Dragon Boat Festival

Pittsburgh Hearts of Steel is hosting a dragon boat festival on SundaySeptember 30th from 8am-4pm at North Park Lake Boathouse. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!

You can learn how to paddle in a dragon boat and race against other community teams for medals and awards. Anyone can do it! This festival is in conjunction with the Moon Festival being celebrated by the Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA) who will be offering entertainment, food and other activities. You will be amazed at the ever-popular Lion Dance, music of the drums and beautifully eloquent dancers. There will be spectacular food from many local Asian restaurants. Learn more about the Organization of Chinese Americans at www.ocapghpa.org.

Hearts of Steel is an all breast cancer survivor dragon boat team which was recently formed in 2017. The team consists of survivors from the age of 43 to 82. This year, Hearts of Steel competed in two out of state races and in Florence, Italy along with over 3,500 other breast cancer survivors.

You can form your own dragon boat team by gathering 20-24 of your friends, family and co-workers and register your team by no later than August 25, 2018. Please register on line at www.heartsofsteelpittsburgh.org. Anyone can learn how to paddle a dragon boat. You will get a one hour lesson/practice the week before the race. All paddling equipment will be supplied for you.

More Information on Dragon Boat Racing:

A dragon boat is a 40-foot canoe adorned with a dragon head and tail that seats 20 paddlers in pairs on 10 benches, adrummer in the front to keep a steady cadence for paddlers to follow in sync, and a steersperson in the back that uses along steering oar to guide the boat. It is an amazing team building sport as all 20 paddlers must work together as one in order to move the boat smoothly and quickly through the water.

Dragon boat racing started almost 2300 years ago in China. The modern era of Dragon Boat racing began in 1976, and the sport debuted in the United States in the early 80’s.

The mission of Hearts of Steel is to gather breast cancer survivors, young and old, strong or weak, no matter gender,ethnic or religious background. All breast cancer survivors are welcome. Dragon Boating has been proven to increase theoverall health and survival, while decreasing the incidence of lymphedema, following treatment for breast cancer.Through Dragon Boating, survivors are encouraged to lead full and active lives.

You can learn more about the program and the event on our website, www.heartsofsteelpittsburgh.org or our FaceBook page, Pittsburgh Hearts of Steel.

Proceeds from the Pittsburgh Dragon Boat Festival will benefit Hearts of Steel. Proceeds from the Moon Festival willbenefit the Organization of Chinese Americans. Both organizations are not-for-profit.


Is a non- profit organization that uses donations to Empower all Breast Cancer Survivors to strengthen mind, body and spirit through camaraderie and the sport of Dragon Boat Paddling. 100% of all donations are used solely for the activities, education and needs of Breast Cancer Survivors.

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