Possible HOF change shows T.O. was right all along

According to reports, the NFL Hall of Fame is considering making candidates sign a document prior to their enshrinement that would commit them to attending the induction ceremony. 

What would happen if a candidate wouldn't sign the form? Would they be removed from the selection process? 

What if the player who was being inducted didn't show up for the speech? Would a new player be inducted in his place? 

Terrell Owens is one of the top-three wide receivers of all time. In his mind, he was passed over for several years by the HOF selection committee because of his off the field antics. 

That's not how it's supposed to work. If you're deserving because of your on the field product, then you should get in. Period. Hall of Fame voters were petty to not let Owens in the HOF on the first ballot. They would double down on their pettiness if they started denying players who didn't intend to show up for the induction. 

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