Quick thoughts from Steelers' camp

I am not emotionally prepared for what this season could wind up bringing. Last year was the craziest football season that I can remember (I'm not that old.) 

This year has already started with a flourish. Antonio Brown arrived via helicopter, and that is only the second most impressive thing that he's done. Yesterday at practice, he made one of the best catches you will ever see going up over two defenders to dive and make a one-handed grab. 

I say this once a year: Antonio Brown alone is a great reason to get here to St. Vincent College. He loves putting on a show for the fans, and is the best practice player (maybe player in general) that I've ever had the pleasure of watching. His battles with Artie Burns last year were a thing of beauty, and it seems that will be much the same this year.

Thoughts and observations:

--Ben Roethlisberger really has slimmed down. He credits this to his new dietary restrictions which include cutting out all carbs and sugars. He also looks more jovial than I remember from past camps. Is that from the diet, or is it because Todd Haley is in Cleveland? 

--Ben didn't throw an interception during last year's camp. He threw one to Artie Burns on day one of practice. I guess they should just cancel the season now. 

--Morgan Burnett was held out of day two of practice due to what Mike Tomlin called "hamstring tightness." We see these types of injuries a bunch early in camp. Terrell Edmunds got the first team reps while he was out. 

--James Washington really looks the part. He isn't built like a traditional outside the numbers WR, but he has impressed me. I've been worried about whether or not he can be a true deep threat in the NFL. He's making me feel better about it after the first couple days of camp. 

--The players will put pads on for the first time today, so I'll be getting more detailed as camp goes along.

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