Forget comparing Sid/Mario and enjoy the greatness

With his two points last night, Sidney Crosby passed Mario Lemieux as the Penguins all-time playoff scoring leader. Did you ever think you would see that, Penguins fans? Hell no. But here we are.

A lot of the discussion today on twitter and sports radio has been about who is the greatest Penguin of all time.

“It can’t be anyone other than Mario!”

“It’s gotta be Sid, he’s scored more in the playoffs and won the cup three times!”

Anyone having that discussion is missing the point. We shouldn’t be discussing who is better, we should be discussing how gosh darn lucky we are to have witnessed both at the height of their powers.

Lemieux is the greatest individual talent that I have ever had the pleasure of watching. He had an elegance about him that we don’t see in the modern game. He was effortless. Nobody should be able to move that way at his size. He did.

Crosby hates this, but he’s the greatest grinder of all time. He outworks everyone on the ice and off. He thinks the game better than anybody he’s playing against.

Mario Lemieux is 2nd all time in points per game. Crosby is 6th. Lemieux dominated his era. Sid dominated his. Crosby has 173 playoff points and he will continue to add to that total. Mario has 172.

Rank whomever you’d like ahead of the other guy, but you’re lucky as hell to have gotten the chance to watch both. Comparison isn’t necessary.

The Pittsburgh hockey club has had a player win the scoring title in 15 of the last 30 years. The Flyers have NEVER had a star win the Art Ross. You’re spoiled, Penguins fans.

The Penguins have had two of the top five players in the history of the sport play their entire careers here in the steel city. Sid’s career isn’t going to last another decade. His prime likely only has a few more short years.

Don’t waste your time arguing who is better. Instead, spend your time appreciating the greatness. You’re never going to see it again.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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