The Penguins need to shut Philadelphia up

The Eagles won the Super Bowl. Haven't you heard?? Of course you have. Philadelphia fans have been basking in the glory of their first such title for the last two months. 

Some have handled it better than others.  

Well, at least it tastes better than Pat's or Geno's. 

The best thing about Philadelphia is that it's long been in the shadow of Pittsburgh in terms of sports success. Sure the Phillies won in 2008, but their disastrous rebuild has made that a distant memory. 

The Flyers haven't won since 1975 and the 76ers haven't won since 1983. Since 75', the Pirates won the World Series once, the Steelers have four championships, and the Penguins have five. 

But things are changing in the city of brotherly love. The Eagles won the Super Bowl without their starting QB. Reasonable folks can assume that they'll be legit contenders as long as Wentz is in the fold. 

Villanova now has a pair of championships in the last three seasons. Jay Wright has turned that university into a blue blood. Philly fans have got to be feelin' themselves.

The more success they have, the more we'll have to put up with crap like Mychael Kendrick's in the NBC hockey booth. 

It's up to the Penguins to wound Philly's pride a little bit. It's up to Sidney Crosby and co. to shut them up. The Penguins are hockey royalty. They Flyers are scum. 

The Pens better keep it that way. Philly doesn't need anything else to celebrate. 

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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