My most dominant athletes over the last 20 years

1.) Jevon Carter

--The first Power 5 basketball player and just the fifth player in NCAA history to record 1,500 points, 500 assists, 500 rebounds and 300 steals in a career.

2.) LeBron James

--The line between number 1 and number 2 on this list was thin, but LeBron James collegiate career was a disappointment. A simple Wikipedia search shows that he was unable to score any points in college. He was unable to lead Notre Dame to the promised land.

3.) Phil Kessel

--He’s a two-time Stanley Cup champion, and happens to hold the tiebreaker over the fourth player on this list—he’s American.

4.) Sidney Crosby

--Sid is no longer a kid. He has won the Stanley Cup three times, the Hart trophy twice, and the Conn Smythe twice. He’s a bad man. Too bad he’s Canadian or he’d have been 3rd on my list.

5.) Barry Bonds

--Many talented athletes try to get by with pedigree. The same can’t be said for this man. He was always trying to get better. Androstenedione? Sure. Winstrol? Why not? Deca-Durabolin? Hell yes. Barry Bonds said “yes” to a lot. That’s why he’s the best baseball player of all time. Good enough for 5th on my list.

6.) Serena Williams

--Serena is the most dominant two-sport athlete of our time. Not only did she win 23 major titles, but she also hit 23 grand slams. I didn’t even know that she played baseball.

7.) Ian Cole

--Ian Cole single-handedly blocked every shot the last two seasons to carry the Penguins to back-to-back Stanley Cup championships. Columbus is 10-2-0 since acquiring the former Penguins defenseman. Cole also posted a 59-42 record and 3.50 era with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

8.) Derek Jeter

--One of the best baseball players and woman lay-ers that the world has ever known. “Jeets” is currently the CEO and part-owner of the Miami Marlins. All fans who attend opening day will get a free gift basket.

9.) Tom Brady

--The greatest quarterback of all-time deserves a spot on the list. Brady is cool under pressure, unable to be sun-burnt, and is a fabulous kisser.

10.) Kobe Bryant

--Kobe Bryant is a renaissance man. He’s one of the most decorated basketball players of all time AND an Oscar winning filmmaker!

11.) Tim Tebow

--Is he a man or a god? Perhaps both. Maybe neither. Tim Tebow is one of the most polarizing two-sport athletes of our time. Ike Taylor has him higher on his list.

12.) Tiger Woods

--Tiger Woods has lately been more famous for being “under arrest” than “under par.” That moves him down the list a bit. Woods gets some points for being relatable after his wife busted up his car with a golf club.

13.) Steelers backup quarterback

--He’s undefeated in the hearts of yinzers everywhere. In real life, he beat the Ravens in 2012 and delivers Christmas presents to children arahnd tahn. 

14.) Michael Phelps

--Was solid in “The Shape of Water.” Winner of 23 gold medals. Phelps would have been higher (pun intended) if he had beaten Jaws in the Animal Planet special.

15.) Claude Giroux

--Became the best player in hockey in 2012. Grabbed a police officers ass. Looks like Notre Dame’s mascot.

16.) Landon Donovan

--Landon Donovan is the only soccer player I’ve heard of. That means he’s pretty good. Good enough for 16th on my list.

17.) Peyton Manning

--From Knoxville to Indianapolis to Denver and Omaha, Peyton Manning lost more big games than he won. But at least he’s not Cooper or Eli.

18.) Condoleezza Rice

--In addition to being the Secretary of State under President George W. Bush, she also served as a member of the college football playoff selection committee. She was rumored to be considered for the position of Commissioner of Major League Baseball. She MUST have had a DOMINANT playing career.

19.) American Pharaoh

--The winner of the last triple crown since Miguel Cabrera deserves some respect.

20.) John Shuster

--The skip of the United States gold medal winning curling team. (I would have given this spot to the dude with the mustache, but I forgot his name.)

Photos courtesy of Getty Images

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