So far, so good for Steelers offseason

Amid criticism that the Steelers "missed out" on Tyrann Mathieu, Kevin Colbert keeps plugging roster holes. 

I've seen no less than three columnists rip Steelers' GM Kevin Colbert for not signing Tyrann Mathieu. Radio hosts and columnists generally aren't known for patience. On the other hand, Kevin Colbert, to steal a Langeism, has "more patience than Mercy Hospital." 

According to reports, the Steelers are now close to signing former Packers' safety Morgan Burnett.

Coming into free agency, Burnett was considered by many to be the best safety on the market. Just like that Kevin Colbert has plugged Pittsburgh's biggest hole in the secondary. This coming just days after Colbert signed Jon Bostic to improve the inside linebacker position. 

Pittsburgh is, without a doubt, better now than at the end of the season. Bostic is an upgrade over Sean Spence and Morgan Burnett is a better player than Mike Mitchell. These additions were made while still keeping Le'Veon Bell in black and gold for the 2018 season.

Kevin Colbert isn't above reproach, but he's one of the best general managers in the NFL. The Pittsburgh media should be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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