LaMar Jackson should be offended, not you

By running a 4.35 40-yard dash, Penn State safety Troy Apke showed on Monday that he's one of the fastest players in this years draft class. Deion Sanders was impressed saying, “Oh man, he can run...You know why I’m surprised. I can’t say it on TV, but he can run run...You don’t see that much. Let’s call it what it is. I like that.”

For all the white folks who are offended by this...You shouldn't be.  Because this “discrimination” isn’t built on top of hundreds of years of racism. Deion’s stereotype is about athleticism. It’s like him saying, ”white dudes can’t dance.”

I ain’t offended by that and you shouldn’t be either. “But, but, but what about Lamar Jackson, you shouldn’t be offended by that either.” False.

LaMar Jackson’s not being put into a box because of his atheism, he’s being stereotyped because of intelligence and character. That’s far more offensive.

It’s not the stone age where the most important thing is the ability to NOT DIE.

It's 2018. I don’t care if someone insults my athleticism, or my strength, or my physical toughness. That doesn't mean anything. I will, however, get offended if you insult my intelligence or my character. 

LaMar Jackson is under attack and the criticism goes way deeper than "white men can't dance."

Image Courtesy of Getty Images.

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