5-24-17 The Senators stave off elimination

Sometimes, you just get beat. The Penguins did just about everything right...except win. Give credit to Craig Anderson, but the Pens top scorers' job is to beat him. Still, the Penguins shouldn't get spooked by him. Could he do that again in a Game 7?  

Maybe you can explain to me how that was determined to be goalie interference on Trevor Daley. I guess I don't understand the rules as well as I thought.  I would imagine the two referees from last night are having indigestion today after swallowing their whistles. Is it possible an NHL executive will look at tape of that game and call either or both and say, "Hey, what were you two watching? Or not!"

None of that will matter tomorrow night. The dreaded Game 7, at home, after losing Game 6 on the road. (Pens record in those circumstances 0-7).  Today at 12:30, Jason Mackey of the PG, Bob Grove at 1, and at 1:30 Rob King.

And the team that employs Vontaze Burfict, PacMan Jones and now Joe Mixon says end-zone celebrations send a bad message to young fans. Yes, Marvin Lewis actually said that!!

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