5-23-17 Penguins go for the Stanley Cup Finals

The Penguins haven't been adept at closing out series when they've had the chance (2-3) in these playoffs. There are so many important reasons to close this out tonight. Having said that, the series has clearly tilted in their favor. What's the most significant reason for that? We'll get the latest from Ottawa when we speak with Josh Yohe of DK Pittsburgh Sports at 12:30, and then follow up with Jay Caufield of Root Sports at 1.

Clint Hurdle doesn't have many options with the players he has available, but there are some lineup tweaks he could make...LIKE DROPPING ANDREW MCCUTCHEN OUT OF THE 3RD SPOT IN THE BATTING ORDER!!

I've actually heard some dummies claim LeBron James tanked in Game 3 against Boston because he was peeved that he wasn't a finaIist for league MVP. He had a substandard game, for sure, but the Cavs also led by 21 in the 3rd quarter. Was he tanking then? Too easy to get on radio/tv these days.

As the Steelers take the field for their first OTA practice today, we'll check in at the South Side facility with Dale Lolley of the Steelers Radio Network at 1:30.

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