5-16-17 The Pens pull even with the Sens!!

Phew! They sure make you sweat, don't they? The Penguins problems aren't getting pucks TO the net, it's getting them IN the net. If they keep getting these good scoring chances, don't you think that, given their talent, eventually they'll go in? But now, what will their injury ravaged lineup look like tomorrow night? Jason Mackey of the Post-Gazette will join me at 12:30, as will Guy Junker from Ottawa at 1 p.m.

Out of necessity, the Pens will make changes to their lineup for Game 3. 

Root Sports made one to their lineup by hiring Pittsburgher Steve Mears as their new TV play by play man, working alongside Bob Errey. Steve, who is leaving the NHL Network, will be my guest at 1:30. 

Paul Steigerwald will now work for the Penguins organization in a multi-faceted role.

And finally today, did the Chicago Cubs do a little bit too much celebrating over the winter? A World Series hangover, perhaps?

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