5-12-17 Will there be a Pens' letdown in Game 1?

Pittsburghers love to dwell on the past. But the Penguins can't do that. They must now forget about the Capitals, and look forward to the next series. Are you concerned that they may have a bit of a letdown at the beginning of the Ottawa series? And can they count on Marc-Andre Fleury saving them again? We'll be discussing it today with Guy Junker from 12-1 #StanandGuy #LovetheShow

.At 1:15, we'll hear from Sidney Crosby on a variety of topics he discussed on the Mike and Mike show today.

A lot of people are getting their sports coverage in different ways nowadays. One of the forerunners in that is DKPittsburghSports, and the founder, Dejan Kovacevic will be my guest at 1 p.m.

The Steelers rookies are at the South Side all weekend. Matt Williamson will talk NFL with me at 1:30.And at the close of today's show, 

I'll be delivering my annual Mother's Day tribute commentary. Hope you have the chance to listen. If not, we'll post it on this page after the show.

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