5-10-17 How confident are you in the Pens?

Being up 3-1 in a series would make any team/fan feel very confident. But now, on a scale of 1-10, how confident are you that the Penguins will win tonight?

 It looks like Mike Sullivan is going to change the lines, but should he also change the lineup? I've got a suggestion in that regard. And how important will the first goal be? 

These playoffs and THIS series in particular say it's pretty darn important. Today at 12:30, Josh Yohe will join us from the morning skate in D.C., and at 1 pm, Pens analyst Bob Grove will give us an historical perspective on tonight's game.Do you agree with me that tonight's winner will go on to win the Stanley Cup?

Bad/undermanned teams find ways to lose. The Pirates did that again last night.

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