5-9-17 Can the Penguins win Game 7?

Some in the broadcasting industry having something called a non-compete clause in their contract. I didn't realize the Penguins do too. 

This isn't so much about losing last night as it is they absolutely DID NOT compete. I didn't dismiss the possibility that they might lose. they're playing an excellent team. But NEVER did I imagine they wouldn't even show up to play. This team under this coach, I never thought I would see that. And now their season is in grave danger. And that's too bad, because I view Game 7 tomorrow night like Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals: meaning I think the winner tomorrow night is going to go on and win the Cup. Today, from the Pens radio network: Josh Getzoff 12:30, Colby Armstrong at 1:00.

The Pirates figured to have their problems going into this season no matter who was on the roster, but even the most severe Pirates critic has to be amazed at what's happened to them. 

The first concern for Jameson Taillon is his long term health, of course. But the only relative strength this team has is its pitching, and this is a severe blow.

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