5-3-17 Is Game 4 a Must-Win for the Penguins?

Although he is out tonight, the news on Sidney Crosby seems to be more positive than not. Still, not knowing exactly when/if he will return, does that make winning tonight to take a 3-1 lead more imperative? To win the series as quickly as possible, if they do at all? 

With Crosby or not, I believe the Pens have to improve in certain areas. Penguins historian Bob Grove will join me at 1 pm.

And while the Penguins--and us--have to look forward and not behind (you never know when someone will crosscheck you in the head) isn't it time the NHL decided once and for all its stance on blows to the head? They don't even talk a good game!

You try not to make any declarative statements after one performance, but after the 1st inning, didn't that look like the Tyler Glasnow everyone thinks he can be? Very impressive. We'll discuss that with Rob King at 12:30.

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