4-26-17 Can and will Martavis Bryant stay clean?

I don't know if Martavis Bryant can/will stay clean.  I DO know that if he does, the Steelers offense will benefit big time! 

I want your thoughts on his return, and if it will affect the Steelers draft strategy.  I'll ask those questions of Gerry Dulac at 1:30.

Gerrit Cole seems like the kind of guy who is mildly agitated even when he's sleeping.  I would imagine he's at full boil today, and who could blame him. The Pirates are wasting some excellent pitching, and I don't think there's a quick remedy. 

Also, Clint Hurdle needs to take some blame for this one.  Rob King talks Bucs and more at 12:30.

It almost always comes down to goaltending in a playoff series. Who, in your mind, has the edge? Braden Holtby or Marc-Andre Fleury? 

And it sure would be nice to hear some progress in the injury to Matt Murray.#justincase

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