4-21-17 It's another edition of Stan & Guy

It may not have lasted as long as some predicted, but that doesn't mean the series against Columbus was easy. The Pens were simply the better team.

Fleury > Bobrovsky. But that doesn't mean they themselves don't have to continue to get better. 

#GoLeafsGo! What were the keys to the series win? Guy Junker will have his opinions as he joins me from 12-1 today. #StanandGuy #LovetheShow. And Phil Bourque will chime in at 12:30.

The Pirates starting pitching has been a major surprise thus far. Can it possibly be good enough to allow the Pirates to stay in wild card contention until Marte and/or Kang return?

The NFL schedule is what it is, but can we PLEASE have more football in the daylight?

And at 1:30, Matt Williamson will give us his final pre-draft thoughts, as well as how the Rooneys run things differently than most other organizations.

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