4-20-17 Can the Penguins close out the Jackets?

Was Game 4 just a blip on the radar, or does giving up 9 goals in the past two games tell us something is wrong with the radar? We'll talk about it, and tonight's Game 5 with Colby Armstrong at 12:30, and then Mark Madden at 1:30.

Not that there's any reason for great concern, but I think there are two Penguins who have shown they are capable of much better play that what they've shown thus far.

Dan Bylsma is looking for work again after being axed in Buffalo today. Bad coaching, or just a bad organization?

While Disco Dan is looking for a job, the Pirates are looking for some runs. 3 runs in 3 games = 3 losses. And isn't it time Andrew McCutchen started thinking of the team first?  I'll explain.  

And the NFL draft begins a week from tonight. Jon Ledyard, draft expert for FanRagSports.com joins me to talk about the Steelers' strategies at 1 pm.

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