4.17.17 Today's Show brought to you by the #3!!

3 is the number of the day! 

It represents Jake Guentzel's goal total last night, it represents the Penguins lead in the series, AND the number of wins the Pirates got in Wrigley Field over the weekend. All 3 are amazing!  

What were the keys to last night's Pens win? Their mental approach may have been the biggest thing. And it would behoove to put the Blue jackets out of their misery tomorrow night. I've got a good reason why. We'll discuss it with Jay Caufield at 12:30.

And just when you thought the Pirates were out, they pull you back in. There was one thing that stood out to me during the series, and I'll ask Kent Tekulve about that, and more, at 1 pm.  

The Cubs are still the best team in the division, but does it seem to you that they may have a few more cracks on their team this year? The Cardinals, too?

And an ESPN writer has uncovered a startling statistic about Andrew McCutchen, which I'll share with you today.

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