4.13.17 It's Stan & Guy - Love the Show!!!

Straight from the "You Never Know" files. Flower to the rescue! Good start for the Penguins, but there are definitely things to work on before Game 2. 

Guy Junker and I will talk about the Pens series from 12-1. #StanandGuy #LovetheShow. And then Mark Madden will offer his thoughts at 1:30.

Don't know what to say about the Pirates play against the Reds. Maybe the less said the better! Now, they get the Red Sox, Cubs (6 games), Cardinals, and the Yankees.  

And, can we stop being so politically correct and allow some common sense to rule?

And I saved the best for last! I'll be giving away tickets to Game 2 of the Pens/Columbus series today! Make sure you're listening!

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