4.12.17 The Penguins' 2nd season begins tonight!!

The train is at the station, and will depart at 7:30 tonight. Some questions about the series. 

(1) Does Columbus have an edge in goaltending? I'll give you one good reason why they don't. 

(2) Do you expect the Blue Jackets to try and rough up the Penguins, or will they be too worried about paying the price on the power play?

(3) Who wins, and in how many games?  

Pens analyst Bob Grove will join me at 1:00 to give his insights on the series, and Rob King is covering the Blue Jackets at the morning skate, and will give us their perspective at 1:30.

The good news? Jameson Taillon had another strong outing. The bad news? Another no decision for him. He deserved better. The Pirates bats and bullpen let him down. Baseball writer John Perrotto with me today at 12:30.

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