4.10.17 The Penguins prepare for the second season

Keeping in mind that it WAS the Atlanta Braves, a sweep is a sweep! And 3-2 looks good after starting 0-2. Gerrit Cole's line looked better than the one in Boston, but did he pitch better?  I'll ask Kent Tekulve that question.  And as I strongly suggested 3 weeks ago, don't you have to find a spot in your lineup for Adam Frazier?

So now, the preliminaries are over.  The most important part of the season is about to begin. The Letang injury notwithstanding, are the Penguins in good position to take on Columbus?  If not, I'll tell you what/who is missing, and we'll discuss the Pens playoff chances with the voice of the Penguins, Mike Lange, at 1 pm.

Only 1 player reached the 100 point plateau this season. Is that because of a lack of gifted scorers, or is it a league issue? 

And I was kind of rooting for Sergio Garcia, but I was rooting more for another player. And it had nothing to do with his golfing abilities.

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