4.6.17 It's Stan & Guy on Letang, Pens and Pirates

Life now goes on for the Penguins...without their clearly #1 defenseman, and one of their most dramatic players. We've asked the question can they win the Cup without Kris Letang? Now I ask: which player(s) must step up the most? I'll give you a head start by naming the obvious, Justin Schultz. But there's another D-Man who must step up big time. 

And, by the way, it's not only blue liners who will have to be a major factor in #58's absence. I want your thoughts, and I'll discuss this with Guy Junker #StanandGuy #LovetheShow 12-1, and with Mark Madden at 1:30.

The Pirates are rained out in Boston today, and shut out last night in 12 innings. Despite the two losses, are you at all encouraged by the performance of Jameson Taillon and/or the bullpen (Bastardo excepted) ?  And with everything happening, 

I haven't gotten a chance to address the fact that golf allows TV viewers and tweet trollers to run its game! Gerry Dulac of the Post-Gazette will join us from the Masters at 1 pm.

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