4.4.17 How important is Home Ice for the Penguins?

Back in the saddle today! 

One bad pitch cost Gerrit Cole and the Pirates. But I want to discuss what may have led up to that one bad pitch, and I'll do so with Kent Tekulve at 12:30.

The NHL playoffs don't start for another eight days, but the Penguins will get awfully close to playoff hockey tonight against Columbus. Are they treating this like a playoff game? We'll find out from Post-Gazette hockey writer Jason Mackey at 1 p.m. 

And how important is it for the Pens to get home ice against the CBJ?

And do you agree with the NHL's decision to withhold their players for the 2018 Winter Olympics?

Maybe James Naismith wouldn't have liked it. Maybe not even Charles Barkley. But the NCAA Championship Game was exciting and closely contested. We'll talk about it with Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News at 1:30.

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