Savran on Sports - 3/28/2017

They are the champions until someone knocks them off their throne. But even if they regain full health, do you still consider the Penguins to be THE team to beat in the Stanley Cup playoffs?

There's been a lot of justified criticism of the NHL's playoff system. What would be your design for a better format?

The NFL once again proves that it spells soul like this: $oul. Your reaction to three franchises moving in the past year. We'll get the latest news from the NFL meetings from Gerry Dulac at 1:30.

Duquesne finally hires a coach, a guy they almost hired 5 years ago, as it turns out. We'll find out about Keith Dambrot, and discuss the Final Four with Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News at 1 p.m. 

And don't forget, tomorrow is an #AskWednesday, so get your questions ready!

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